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My refrigerator keeps freezing my food maintenance man has been in here said theres nothing he can do. One of the desk clerks that normally does not work here is very rude she was yelling and arguing with other tenants she kicked adult teens out of the workout room and then read the board because she didnt know what the rules were. The elevator is out here and has been for quite some time so other tenants were using the customer carts to roll in the stairwell and take their belongings up but not returning the carts. I notified the girl at the front desk that there were two carts in the stairwell that needed to be moved because of safety issues. An hour went by and then there were three in the stairwell, I then realize that she was not going to get them so I rolled them down the hallway and put them in the lobby because I was cooking pasta in my room and had to turn my pasta off. She yelled at me and said maam maam you cant leave those carts there its a safety hazard. I replied back its a safety hazard for three of them to be in the stairwell where nobody can walk up and down the stairs or get in the doors. Ive then returned to my room turned the pasta off went back out into the lobby and put the carts back where they were supposed to because she was too lazy to do so. I then walked away and said aint this a *** she took it as I was calling her a *** I did not call her a *** I knew she had called management and was prepared to talk to them the next morning. I didnt get the first word out of my mouth before management said that I was very disrespectful and that I was wrong. Ive then said can I please tell you my side of the story so I did. She still said I was being very disrespectful to her. My understanding in most situation the customer is always right. The manager and I were good but I think shes lost a lot of respect for me and I in turn have for her. I would really like to have my refrigerator fixed because I cant keep food in it it keeps freezing and theyre not gonna replace anything.

I am living here and have been here since July because Im going through a divorce and my husband kicked me out of the house and I am disabled. I dont want to leave here because its close to my house and its hard to find a place to live right now in this area. So I am basically stuck here but I like it here I like all the employees with the exception of the lady they brought over from another facility because theyre shorthanded.


Katrina Rice Lawson

Location: Dover, Florida

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Call 813




Thebiast number should be 5781

@Mija Wvx

What last number?


My husband left me because I was cheating on him and accused his father and cousin falsely of rape. I also lied and said hus cousin was stealing from us.


Grown woman but act like a two year old. Nice.

@Kevin Richards

Well my husband divorced me. Took his dad sude iver mine.

@Kevin Richards

And you think you are a grownup yourself?


How am I not grown up. I am not the one making false accusations of rape and rudeness.


I only made the accusations because I was in an argument with my FIL.


Why is it that I am the one that needs to grow up. It is this lady that is making excuses for her drinking.

She is the one that threatened physical harm on a baby. No wonder her husband left her.

@Kevin Richards

Sorry I meant that comment for the woman who wrote this review. She is really immature.

@Kevin Richards

I am not ever one else is.

@Kevin Richards

That baby would not stop crying. It was annoyed me.

@Kevin Richards

Also if my grandmother is having dementia my parents should put her in a nursing house. My grandmother made me attack her.


The customer is always right? HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHHAHA..

When have you been always been right? That line was Harry Selfridge in the late 1880s.He was trying to gather customers to his store. And now, over a 100 years, RIDICULOUS people like you are still trying to use it.

It was marketing slogan in the late1800s. If you aren't embarrassed, I am for you.


Well they kicked me out. In the room next door there was a baby that was crying.

When they went out I told the parents that I would beat the child if they did not stop it from crying. The parents complained . I was kicked out I had other people complaining about me as well when I had company over . They said that after 9 I can't have guests.

Welm guess what this is the only place that I can stay. How else am I to have friends visit I can't stay with my parents because they to kicked me out when I took my anger out on my grandmother whi is suffering from dementia . It was not my fault. I was just through a divorce and was drinking to calm down.

I was drunk at that time. I first stayed with my parents but my drinking was too much for them. I was going through a divorce. They should have been more understanding.

When I hurt my grandmother they kicked me out. She was the one that provoked me. If her dementia us going to stop her from not getting in my way they need to put my grandmother in a nursing house. She us a burden.

I guess the customer is always right. Eccept for when I am the customer. I was kicked out and have no where to go now. I admit that some of the people met me in the room 10 pm and did nit leave until 2am.

But I have my rights as well .. They even called the police on me and made my friend leave Never asked him to leave themselves. Had to get the police involved. Talk about lazy.

If the other guests thought we were being to loud then they should have requested another room or check out and went to another place. I was here first and longer than them. At 2am most places are closed so where can my and my friends go? I paid for the room..

I should have been able to gave them over when I want. But this is about the refrigerator and rudeness.

@Mija Wvx

GROW UP PUNK. Family comes first.

This means your husband has every right to defend his father from your false claims. Also no one is going to request another room. Especially if it is 2am. They should have kicked you out along time ago.

They paid for the room as well and should be able to sleep in peace and quiet. Especially if they have small children around.

You are stupid. Did you not think that perhaps the bank would have cameras to show who really took the money from the account.


They do like it then they should leave. I was there first


I did not think the bank would check.

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